Hello Aussie Jammers!

If you build it, they will come!  The Tuesday Aussie Jam email list has attracted a lot of interesting discussion and shared information from our group.  Rather than keep up with threads of emails, why not start an Aussie Jam Blog where we can explore, share, and enjoy everyone’s input?  Our entries can be archived, our links and files shared.  To start, this blog will be limited to our group.  Later if we want to open it to the general public, we most certainly can.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Robin,

    Looking around and I like it. Can all members post files, and songs?


  2. Send me the email addresses and I can invite them

  3. Thanks, Robin. Just what we needed!

  4. Looks great. We host a weekly open rehearsal for Gospel Bluegrass Music see:(www.pathfindersbluegrass.com) and play for multiple non-profits. Our group was planted with the gracious help of Duck Adkins. Well Duck told me to check out the Aussie Jammers and it looks like fun. I’ll get the word out to our band. Mike Amsbaugh

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