Ashoken Farewell

One for each measure in ¾ time:

D          D7        G          Em       D          Bm       Gmaj7   A7

D          D7        G          Em       D          Bm       A7        D

D          D7        G          D          D          Bm       A          A7

D          C          G          D          D          Bm       A7        D

Click here for a .pdf:  Ashoken Farewell Chords

Chris Via plays old fiddle and banjo tunes

My buddy Chris Via has started a YouTube account and has posted a bunch of vids of him playing some old fiddle and banjo tunes from his area of the mountains. I thought some of you might be interested in see it, and don’t forget about his Fiddlers Convention, it’s coming up in a few weeks!


Little Liza Jane video

Bsholder has shared a video with you on YouTube:

Young Bluegrass Band From Ashville

Those of us who like to hang out at the Red Light Cafe when we have the time & gas money to make the trip know and love this young bluegrass band from Asheville.  They seem to have progressed out of our sphere, however, opting to play at Eddie’s Attic this go-round, for the release tour of their new CD Tellico.  Anya Hinkle, the fiddler, has written a two-part series of articles for Bluegrass Journal telling the story of their journey through the mazes of recording a CD.  Part I is available right now at this link:

June 12th & 13th – Fiddler’s Convention in Virginia

For those who might be interested, here is the information on a Fiddlers Convention in the mountains of Virgina. I will be going to this and it should be a lot of fun and a lot of jamming. It’s the second week in June and is about a 6 hour drive from Marietta. You can check out some of Henry Reed’s music at the library of congress website here: This convention is put on by a banjo builder friend of mine, Chris Via you can check out his site here: I will also be setting up some recording equipment with a friend of mine from Maryland and we will be recording some of these old timers for posterity. It should be a hoot! -Neil