Come play with us August 7th or Sept 4th for the Marietta Art Walk!

[See who has signed up by Time Slot]

[Bass and Fiddle players NEEDED! Sign up now!]

Wendy at the Australian Bakery is asking for volunteers to jam outside the bakery on August 7th and September 4th. The occasion is the Marietta First Friday Art Walk.  Many stores and restaurants participate in this fun monthly event and quite a few people have asked why we don’t have some Bluegrass at the same time.  We showcase artwork inside the bakery with free wine and samples of the pies and it generally runs from 6-9pm. We don’t necessarily have to have music all that time or people could come and go.

One important thing to remember is that we can’t have the 15 or so people playing out there at once because people have to be able to pass on the side walk with ease.  Please let Wendy know  if you are interested in introducing great bluegrass to a whole new audience by filling out the interest survey below.

Let us know if you can come play – fill out the Art Walk Jam Interest Form for August and September

See who has signed up for August 7th here!

See who has signed up for September 4th here!

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