Blairsville Bluegrass Festival – Sept. 17, 18, 19


Mark your calendars now! SEPT 17th-18th &19th DOWNTOWN BLAIRSVILLE, GEORGIA

We need everyone’s support to help these wonderful Blairsville Business folk get the word out. The prior promoter was not going to be able to put the BLAIRSVILLE FESTIVAL on this year, so a new group of dedicated Blairsville Businesses have gathered together to make it still happen.

There will be 2 stages one at “THE HOLE IN THE WALL Restaurant” corner of the square and the other stage will be in the Blairsville CIVIC CENTER.

[If you know anyone that has a good sound system to put at the stage HOLE-N-THE WALL Restaurant, please let us know.]

The original list of bands that the former promoter was contacting, have been coming for years and have volunteered to play.  However, if you know of others who would like to play please have them contact us.


  • Event Promotion:
    • Mark Cox, Chef and Owner of the Hole in the Wall Restaurant
      • Phone: (321) 693-9549
    • Mrs Loretta Durden, Co-Owner

The new BLAIRSVILLE BLUEGRASS COMMITTEE –is made up of leaders from local Businesses. They have obtained the PERMIT and INSURANCE to keep the program going.

This Blairsville Bluegrass Festival is one of the biggest highlights of their business year and they know many folks have prepared vacations around this festival -expecting to come hear some great BLUEGRASS and they do not want them to be disappointed.

SOOO.. The Blairsville BLUEGRASS LOVERS have done their part let’s see what we can do too.

Please spread the word that “THE BLAIRSVILLE BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL” is still going to happen. We in the SEBA community need to support them all we can through broadcasting the event and seeing if we can get other bands and bluegrass folks to come too.

Mark Cox & Peg say All proceeds left over after the event expenses, will be donated to “THE UNION COUNTY FOOD BANK” to help those out of work in the Blairsville area.

We need to thank the Promoters and Businesses who have joined together to save and sponsor this event:

Website for more info

Promoters, Sponsors, Helpers and Donors

  • Mr. Mark Cox – Owner of “THE HOLE IN THE WALL RESTAURANT” – –(paid for Event Ins and Permits).
  • Mrs. Peg Shaw – Misty Mountain Cabins & Cottages – -706-897-8172
  • The Mayor of Blairsville
  • Mrs. Durden
  • The Mars Hill Porch Pickers- Promotions and set-up assistance
  • Misty Mountain Cabins & Cottages
  • SEBA – Charlie Robinson
  • Season’s INN –Chris Colleen Urbaniuk
  • Alpine Cabins – The Jasmins
  • Kilin Tyme Cabins – Tom & Candy
  • Two’s Company Farm Creek Cabins – The Taylors
  • Track Rock Camp Ground and Cabins – The Alexanders
  • United Community Bank
  • Al Henderson – “DIRTY ROAD RASCALS” – DAHLONEGA donated the stage and sound system for the HOLE IN THE WALL AREA.
  • Steve Reach –

More sponsors may be added.

VENDORS – if you would like to set up a tent please contact:


Thank you For all you Do for Bluegrass!

P . Dickson Lester
The Mars Hill Porch Pickers
GO TO : Southeast Bluegrass Associations Website:

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