What started as a casual Tuesday evening gathering at Banjo.com’s Town Center’s store, has grown to a lively Bluegrass Jam generously hosted by Greg and Wendy Beyer at the Australian Bakery on the Square in Marietta, Georgia.  The group meets from 7:00 to 9:00 every Tuesday evening.  Whether you are a seasoned player or new to Bluegrass, you are sure to enjoy the friendly atmosphere.  Bring your instrument, your voice, or just your appetitie and your ears and enjoy a fabulous Australian Meat Pie while listening to foot-stomping, knee slapping, chair rocking Bluegrass right here in Marietta!

2 Responses

  1. What a great jam last night! Thank you Windy for letting us come into you bakery…..

    Dear musicians, I think it would be nice if each of us dropped a tip ($) into the tip jar for Windy for staying open after hours and giving us her off time.

  2. As fall approaches and then winter, the jam will once again be held inside the Bakery. When we are outside we have room to expand and the sounds do not reverberate as they do inside the Bakery. I am suggesting that once we move back inside, that the rules of etiquette be applied once again. Players should take turns, not everyone playing at full volume all at once. Also, the amplifier inside adds to the reverberation and makes it difficult to hear the individual instruments. There needs to be someone to facilitate or lead the songs and keep it from becoming a musical free-for-all. If players can’t hear themselves playing or singing, they will stop coming because it will no longer have the flavor it could have if it were more organized and
    run by the rules of etiquette that were introduced a few months back. Let’s preserve it and not let it become a musical cluster pluck.

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